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Open call for nominations for the 2024 IAPR Fellow Awards

Deadline: March 31, 2024

We welcome nominations for the award of FIAPR. Anyone is eligible to be nominated, except for the current members of the Executive Committee and of the Fellow Committee.

To initiate a nomination, a nominator must complete and submit an IAPR Fellow Nomination Form. Any member of an IAPR Member Society can serve as nominator, except for the nominee themself and the current members of the Executive Committee and Fellow Committee.

Each nomination must be endorsed by at least one recommendation letter (submitted Endorsement Form), either from a member of an IAPR Member Society (different from the nominator) or from an IAPR Fellow.

Each electronic submission will be acknowledged by an email. In case of difficulty please address your data and the problem encountered through email to the IAPR Secretariat, Linda O'Gorman:

To: secretariat@iapr.org
Subject: IAPR Fellowship 2024
CC: webmaster@iapr.org

Click here for a list of members of the IAPR Fellow Committee

For a general idea of the nomination and the endorsement please download the 2022 instructions. The 2024 instructions are forthcoming.

IAPR appreciates your efforts to support our fellowship program!

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