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January 2022 Newsletter

January 2022 Newsletter

Posted January 24, 2022


The January 2022 Issue of the IAPR Newsletter is now available at:  https://iapr.org/publications/

IN THIS ISSUE you will find:

-- "Going against the main stream:  turning penny stocks into blue chips" by   Masaki Nakagawa, recipient of the 2021 ICDAR Outstanding Achievements Award
-- Calls from the IAPR Education Committee, Industrial Liaison Committee, and ExCo
-- Calls for Nominations for Awards to be presented at ICPR 2022
-- Call for Bids to Host ICPR 2026!
-- IAPR...The Next Generation:  Alexander Mattick
-- From the ExCo:  News plus Encouraging diversity in Summer/Winter Schools and IAPR Prizes and Awards
-- In Memoriam:  Michael Duff
-- ICPR 2022 Call for Papers, Workshops, Tutorials and Challenges
-- IAPR Technical Committee (TC) News:  TC4, TC9, TC12, TC18 and TC19 
-- Meeting Reports, ICDAR 2021 Section:  ICDAR 2021, Awards, and Workshops
-- Meeting Reports:  PRIP 2021 and IWAIPR 2021
-- Bulletin Board
-- Meeting and Education Planner

Wishing you all happy reading!

Stay safe,
Jing Dong
IAPR Newsletter Editor
Associate Professor, National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition
Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

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