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J. K. Aggarwal Prize

Call for Nominations for the 2024 J. K. Aggarwal Prize

  • Extended Deadline: April 21, 2024; the nomination, endorsements and any other materials related to the nomination must be complete and final by this date.

A copy of the completed form is emailed to the person submitting it, the chair of the committee, the secretariat, and the webmaster (for redundancy and troubleshooting purposes). Revised submissions are accepted up until the final deadline. To make changes, resubmit the form with the new information. Only the most recent submission will be used to evaluate the nominee.

The International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR) is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2024 J. K. Aggarwal Prize, given in honor of Professor J. K. Aggarwal. Professor Aggarwal is widely recognized for his extensive contributions to the field of pattern recognition and for his participation in IAPR's activities.

This biennial prize is given to a young scientist, under the age of 40 at the date of the final deadline for nominations, who has brought a substantial contribution to a field that is relevant to the IAPR community and whose research work has had a major impact on the field. The 2024 prize will be presented at the

27th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2024)
Kolkata, India
December 1-5, 2024

The prize recipient is expected to present an invited talk at the conference and to provide a contribution to the special issue of Pattern Recognition Letters that will include extended versions of all papers that received an IAPR award at the most recent ICPR.

The prize recipient shall be selected by the J. K. Aggarwal Prize Committee, subject to approval by the IAPR Governing Board, upon nomination by a member of a national member society of IAPR and by endorsement of four members, representing at least two member societies different from that of the nominators and nominee.

Members of the IAPR Executive Committee, as well as of the J. K. Aggarwal Prize Committee, shall be ineligible for the prize and may not serve as nominators or endorsers.

Links to the nomination and endorsement forms can be found below. Only complete applications will be considered for the 2024 J. K. Aggarwal Prize.

Linda O’Gorman, IAPR Secretariat

J K Aggarwal Prize Nomination Form (Google Form)
J K Aggarwal Prize Endorsement Form (Google Form)

2022 Award Winner in Montreal

Jiliang Tang
For fundamental contributions to learning and recognition on graphs, and for application of graph networks in social media, education and biology.

2020 Award Winner in Milan, Italy

Professor Abhinav Gupta
For pioneering contributions to unsupervised and self-supervised learning in computer vision and robotics.

2018 Award Winner in Beijing, China

Professor Kristen Grauman
For contributions to image matching and retrieval.

2016 Award Winner in Cancun, Mexico

Professor Fei Fei Li
For seminal contributions to object and event classification using learning methodologies based on statistical and neuroscience principles.

2014 Award Winner in Stockholm, Sweden

Professor Arun Ross
For contributions that advance the state of art in biometric technologies and extend biometric infrastructure.

2012 Award Winner in Tsukuba, Japan

Professor Rene Vidal
For outstanding contributions to generalized principal component analysis (GPCA) and subspace clustering in computer vision and pattern recognition.

2010 Award Winner in Istanbul, Turkey

Professor Antonio Torralba
For algorithms and representations to exploit context in computer vision.

2008 Award Winner in Tampa, FL, USA

Professor Song-Chun Zhu
For fundamental and pioneering contributions to a unified foundation for visual pattern conceptualization, modeling, learning, and inference with applications in computer vision and pattern recognition.

2006 Award Winner in Hong Kong

Bernhard Schölkopf
For advancing the field of kernel methods and showing its wide applicability to pattern recognition problems.

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